About Us

Active Fibre is an expanding connectivity provider in South Africa. Our core focus is giving people the opportunity to have a reliable, high speed, internet connection for their business and home. We understand that having a solid, uninterrupted connection is an integral part of your day to day running of your business. Uncapped and unshaped services are our forte. We offer our products across South Africa namely; FTTB, FTTH and Wireless. If your requirements for quality connectivity is crucial we can always deploy an interim wireless solution (feasibility dependant). Our contention ratios differ starting from 1:1 all the way through to 25:1. We are available in all the major metropolitan areas in South Africa and can also connect in more remote locations with fibre backhaul to the internet

Why Active Fibre

It's Fast!

Fibre is one of the fastest ways to be online. From 10Mbps to 1Gbps speeds.

It's Reliable

Less interference than its ADSL counterpart therefore its more stable.

It's Efficient

You will be far more efficient online with symmetrical fibre Internet Access allowing for high speed streaming, uploading and downloading. This is all more cost effective than you think. Check our pricing.