What is FTTH?
Fibre to the Home – Having access to the internet at home is becoming more of a necessity; fibre is the most reliable form connectivity. There is no chance of theft or threats from lighting or bad weather. The link has a quick installation, and is stable, affordable and easy to use.


Do I have to qualify for a contract?
NO contracts! The service is available on a month to month making it easier to manage and upgrade.  


What does uncapped and unshaped mean?
Uncapped means that you will not run out of data and unshaped means we will not limit what you can do on the Internet


Is there a setup fee?
Vumatel will charge you a once off fee of R1725 for the installation of your physical fibre cable and the CPE box.


Why change from ADSL?
ADSL is a dated connectivity medium and that runs the risk of copper theft and is impacted by bad weather or lightning. Fibre is a more stable and reliable service and really awesome!


How long does installation take?
If Vumatel is live in your area – then it will take up to 15 days to install