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Voice over Internet protocol is a new way of making your phone call experience better and more cost effective. Instead of utilising the normal phone lines, your calls are made over the internet. VoIP is useful and can turn standard internet connection to make free calls, provided you are calling a destination with a similar VoIP solution in place. Because of this new way of making calls – you’re bypassing the phone company and its charges entirely. For companies that rely on using the telephone – a VoIP solution is a good match for you.
National R0.39
Mobile R0.59
International Country Dependant

Cloud PBX

A cloud PBX gives you all the functionality of a conventional telephones system without the hassle of costly and complex equipment. Using a cloud based PBX will give you access to all the standard features, not to mention the benefit of scalability and cost saving. You can retain your existing number and you now have the option of adding a voice recording option to your solution.

Linkus Mobile Phone App

Linkus is a VoIP Mobile Client coordinated with Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX that makes your Android mobile phone an office extension and links you and your colleagues and customers anywhere anytime. Make and receive calls through corporate phone network to slash call costs and enhance efficiency with consistent in-office experience.
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